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How To Find The Right Personal Trainer For You In Birmingham

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Call it a lucky guess; but I’m pretty sure you’re thinking about getting some professional help with your health and fitness goals – which is great!

But before you make the plunge I want to try and point you in the right direction, so you don’t end up wasting a lot of time, effort, energy and money.

So here’s my top 10 tips on how to find the Best Personal Trainer in Birmingham for you...


1) Stop lying to yourself

You don't want to run a half marathon, you don't want to do mud runner, you haven't always fancied trying hot yoga & you definitely don't want to have a military fit body! What you DO WANT is to lose some body fat (mainly from your mid-section), tone up, increase your energy, be happier and increase your confidence...And it's OK to say that! It's not vanity, it's honesty :)


2) Stop being talked into FAD's

Functional Training, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Cross Fit, P90X etc. are all great workouts for sure. But they’re not the most realistic or efficient choice for people like you; who just want to drop a few pounds so they look good naked. So stop being talked into the latest FAD your prospective Birmingham Personal Trainer is into...the routine should be fitted to your body not vice versa!


3) Know your "WHY"

If you're like the 90% of general gym goers then your ultimate goal is to "look good naked" which is fine, nothing wrong with wanting to be proud of your own body in all its glory. But before you consider getting the help of a professional you should always be clear on "Why" you want to look good naked. We find that the answer to this question sometimes requires a bit of soul searching so you can tap into your deeper need for change, it might be tough at first but your chance of successfully achieving your goals will be much higher when you can be completely honest with yourself.


4) Pick a Specialist in the area you want to improve 

Don't go to a Personal Trainer who specialises in Marathon prep for weight loss - it's not their area of expertise - Marathon prep is! The same applies if you are intending to learn how to box - don't go to a body transformation facility! The Best Personal Trainers will always "specialise" in a given area because they know that a "Jack of all trades" is a Master of none". So make sure you choose a Personal Trainer who specialises in the area you need help with.


5) Ask for evidence

Personal Trainers live and die by their client portfolio, so always ask for evidence of success that the prospective Personal Trainer has had with clients that were in the same/similar situation to you. If they don't have any before and after images or testimonials then alarm bells should be ringing. Another tip is to check out their social media presence and see what reviews have been left by former clients.


6) Shop on results NOT price

As the saying peanuts - get monkeys! There is a huge number of very bad Personal Trainers in the Health & Fitness industry, which is why the really good ones charge more for their services. If you’re making your decision based solely on cost then don't be surprised when 12 weeks after you started training you're nowhere near your goals (which could be a problem if you've got a wedding or a holiday on the horizon!).


7) Paying for packages NOT sessions

On the whole Personal Trainers who allow clients to pay by session are living day to day, which isn't a great sign when you are expecting them to help you improve your lifestyle. You can't expect somebody that you have no long term financial investment in to have put together a long term plan to achieve your goals - after all they don't know if you are still going to be training in a month!


8) Know their nutritional approach

It's important that you understand your Personal Trainers approach to nutrition from the outset especially if your goal is weight loss/gain. If they don't offer any advice on nutrition and tell you to "just eat healthily" then you should run a mile because nutrition is more important than exercise when it comes to weight management. If what they are saying sounds to good to be true i.e.; "eat whatever you want as long as it fits your macro's" then this should also be a warning - especially if you've used calorie counting "Weightwatchers" style plan's before without success.


9) Make improving your health the priority

The majority of people presenting themselves to Personal Trainers at present aren't generally in the best of health, so a Personal Trainer who understands nutritional therapy is worth their weight in gold. Improving your health should always be the first goal, so make sure you ask your prospective Personal Trainer how they can help you improve in areas other than your body fat percentage.


10) Make sure you are ready

The most important factor in the success of achieving your goals is; knowing that you’re ready for change. If you want to lose 2 stone and 8" from your waist but can't stop eating pizza then you're not ready to lose 2 stone YET! Which is easy to establish because; the pizza has a higher priority than the body you desire, which is fine…just as long as you’re OK with it.


Hope these tips help!

BTW: If you're in Birmingham and your main goal is to improve your health and the way you look naked, then you should get in touch because we’d love to hear from you. Contact us through our website, the link's below:


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