About us


The people behind the Shake Shifters supplement range is the expert team of Nutritional Consultants and Personal Trainers at one if the UK's leading Personal Training clinics, THE body transformation specialists; Shapeshifters.

As you can see from the pictures above Shapeshifters is a name that is synonymous with results and we've been helping normal everyday people transform their health (and body) for nearly 14 years.

As you'd expect; the Shapeshifters team is always in pursuit of excellence and we're proud to say that we've been getting results with our clients since day one. So once we'd perfected the process of health enhancing weight loss - we then set out to simplify it!

The Shake Shifters supplement range was born of this goal to "simplify healthy weight loss"; by making complex nutritional protocols accessible to the everyday person in a convenient form. Which means you can get the highest quality, health enhancing nutrients in a convenient range of products that's designed to help you get the body you deserve in the easiest way possible.

As a consumer it's highly unlikely you have the time (or the desire) to delve into the depths of nutrition and just wish somebody would provide a simple solution to help you get in shape. Well, Shake Shifters is exactly that, the solution you've been waiting for!

The entire Shake Shifters range has been formulated based on solid scientific recommendations and then tested rigorously by our members in clinic to ensure they do exactly what they are supposed to; GET RESULTS! You see; unlike other supplement brands, our products have to work or our members won't get results and if they don't get results then we don't have any members.

So...Rest assured; we have 100% confidence in the efficacy of our products and know they will deliver incredible results when combined with a calorie controlled diet and "sensible" training programme. But please don't take our word for it, check out what a few of our members have to say Testimonials.

If you'd like to know more about the people behind the Shake Shifters products then just click this link Shapeshifters.

Or if you'd like to find out why Shapeshifters has one of the largest transformation portfolios in the UK then watch the video below: